Skullpogo 1.0

Addictive vampire-killing pogo action!


  • Easy to pick up
  • Addictive
  • Online scores


  • Irritating music

Very good

Are you looking for a fun way to kill minutes on your PC? How about ridding the world of vampire bats and pigs while you're at it? Indie game SkullPogo combines all this with pogos.

This is a simple-at-heart, arcade-style game where the aim is high scores - there's an in-game scoreboard and an online one too. You control a guy on a pogo, and have to jump on the pigs and bats to score, against the clock. High scores can be racked up by executing combos. This simply means jumping on enemies repeatedly without touching the ground, and before the combo-meter runs down.

Power-ups, some good, some bad, will appear and introduce an element of strategy to SkullPogo - do you bounce on a bad power-up to keep up your combo, or sacrifice a big score for an easier game?

The mechanics of SkullPogo are simple, and work well. While it's a really simple concept, it's surprisingly addictive, and the online scoreboard gives you the urge to push for even greater high scores. The graphics are colorful and fun, though not at all flashy, and the sound effects are good. Unfortunately the music gets a bit irritating, and there's only the choice of turning all the sound off including the amusing SFX.

Despite the sound gripes, SkullPogo is enjoyable enough to want to return to after a few goes and get your name up on the scoreboard



Skullpogo 1.0

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